Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Is NoDiet a Scam or Does it Work? A Review of Liquid Protein Diets

Is NoDiet a Scam or Does it Work? A Review of Liquid Protein Diets

I was desperate to lose weight. It seemed like everything I tried ending up failing. In fact, I ended up gaining more weight after failing to succeed with all the diets I tried to go on. One day, I was driving home from work when the local D.J. came on and started telling everyone how he had lost weight with a product called Nodiet Liquid Protein. He said he had lost over 4 belt notches and he was able to eat what he wanted to and yet he still lost weight. He made the product appear to be magical.

It turns out this product is a liquid protein you take just before going to sleep. Apparently, according to the testimony of the D.J., your body searches for protein in the first 45 minutes of sleep and if you have this liquid protein in your body, you will lose massive weight without even trying. You cannot just eat protein. It has to be liquid protein because of metabolization. That is why only this product is the magic bullet.

I was sold on the Nodiet sales pitch, so I went home and jumped online and ordered the product. It cost about $40 for a months supply. I could not wait for the product to arrive. In the meantime, I read the literature and decided to experiment. The literature said that you could not eat anything in the 4 hours prior to going to bed. I decided to see if that alone would help me lose weight and inches before the product arrived.

About a week later of not eating in the 4 hours prior to going to sleep, I did notice that my belt was one notch looser, yet the product had not arrived yet. It did come a day later and I immediately started using it. I could not wait to see my weight melt off while I slept. If just stopping food consumption in the 4 hours prior to going to sleep worked, this product was sure to do wonders. At least that is what I told myself.

Did Nodiet Work?

I followed the instructions exactly as instructed. I only drank water in the hours prior to bed and I continued to not eat all the way up to 4 hours prior to going to bed. The Nodiet product had a nasty taste but you only have to take a small amount so I was not really bothered by it. I took the liquid protein every night.

I waited 7 days before I weighed myself. I stepped on the scale and was happy to see that my weight was down another 5 pounds. Was it the Nodiet product or the fact that I was not eating during the night hours? I figured it would take more time to see just exactly what was working as changing my eating habits had to have an effect. Only after some time went by would I see if the product was working or not.

I continued on the Nodiet product for 3 months. Here is what I found. After the initial loss of weight and the loosening of my belt the first 2 weeks or so, I never lost another pound or any more inches in the waist. Just as the D.J. said he did, I never changed my eating habits except for not eating in the 4 hours before going to sleep. I really do not believe that Nodiet worked and I gave it 90 days to see.

Here is what I think about this product and products like it. These kind of products prey on people who are desperate to lose weight and improve their health. Think about it. What chance does taking a capful of liquid protein have of working? I have since come to believe that the only real way of losing weight is to burn off more calories than what you take in daily.

It was not until I curbed my eating and started riding a bicycle daily did I start to really lose weight. If you want to lose weight, quit spending money foolishly and do the work to lose weight.

How Can You Lose Weight Effectively and Safely?

Over the years, I tried a lot fo diets and diet products. I have taken pills, tried the Atkins Diet, South Beach, Weight Watchers, Sensa, and many others. I did lose some weight but the net result after about 25 years was more weight gained than lost. This is probably because of yo-yo dieting. I did finally lose over 50 pounds but I did it without the aid of any diet product or diet program. I decided to use common sense.

Here is what I did. I knew that it takes about 3000 calories less than a body can stay unchanged to lose weight. My body could stay the same weight at about 2,000 calories. I could not imagine eating less than 1750 calories a day but felt that I would get frustrated by losing only 1 pound every 12 days. I figured I might have a bad day every once in awhile and that would make it impossible to see real gains.

That is when I decided to start riding a bicycle. I started out only riding 2 or 3 miles a day but it did not take long to get up to 15 miles. This is a sport that an average person can make huge gains in improvement quickly. Once I got up to about 15 miles of riding a day, the weight started melting off fairly quickly. I was losing weight at about 1 pound every 2 to 3 days and in 30 days I was already down about 13 pounds.

By the second month, my weight came off faster because I was able to ride farther and faster. It did not take long to see a loss of 30 pounds. Yes, there were some plateaus I had to get through and my appetite did improve so I had to keep that in mind when I rode. The hardest thing to get used to was to not eat too much after riding in the evening. It would have been easy to eat the same amount of calories that I just burned. I learned to depend on water and on sugar free popsicles to keep me from eating bad things after riding.

I have now lost over 50 pounds and see my end goal in sight. It takes common sense to lose weight. I do not think products like Nodiet Liquid Protein will work for most people. It takes real effort to lose weight. Do not be fooled by products that sound too good to be true. You can lose weight. Just use your common sense.